Leverage Hexaware's SAP cloud assessment to help your organization validate cloud adoption and application transformation (SAP upgrade or S/4 conversion) in terms of compatibility, complexity, possible options for cloud adoption and application transformation.

This assessment consists of questions from topics such as:

  • Business Model

  • Landscape Volumetric

  • Platform Details

  • Solution footprint

  • IT Roadmap/ Plan

To get a quick assessment done, fill the information which would only take 10 minutes of your time and upon completion, receive a custom report in your inbox FREE of cost!

Based on the assessment report, if you want to transform your organization, need more information, or to provide feedback, kindly contact Marketing@Hexaware.com

Glimpse of the assessment report

Once you provide the details, a report would be mailed to you, which would cover the below aspects:

  • Scoring-based analysis of your landscape for cloud adoption
  • Possible cloud Migration and application transformation options with associated scoring
  • Recommendations based scoring for each option/strategy
  • Standard practices and methodologies

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Hexaware Technologies has been continuously working with many of the Fortune 500 organizations and has Cloudify Everything as one of the key tenets of corporate strategy. Hexaware's proven and Time-Tested Triadic Migration Framework delivering Execution Roadmap for SAP workload migration to cloud has helped our customers to get maximum benefit out of their cloud investments on all fronts.

Cloud readiness check – Cloud Assessment*, takes a leaf out of triadic framework - gives a check on your landscape and probe on its readiness for SAP Cloud and application transformation. Good luck with your journey towards implementing "Cloudify Everything".